Jennifer Aniston reveals how her intense work out ‘broke’ her body

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston recently discussed the merits of adopting a “low-impact home workout” routine, contrasting it with the harm inflicted by extreme workout schedules.

In a conversation with InStyle, the celebrated Friends star admitted that she constantly felt obliged to pursue rigorous exercise to keep fit, resulting in numerous injuries.

Aniston voiced her struggles with the prevailing notion that a good workout requires at least 45 minutes of cardio, which she found intimidating. The actress admitted that she fell for this misconception for a long time, leading her to over-exert herself and hurt her body in the process.

Highlighting the extent of her workout-related injuries, the star of The Morning Show disclosed that her physical therapist gave her a Barbie doll completely wrapped in Kinesio tape, indicative of every injury she sustained over the past 15 years.

The Hollywood star then revealed her recent transition to a more sustainable fitness regime, the low-impact home workout program, Pvolve. Aniston appreciates the balance this new workout routine brings to her fitness and health.

She also shared her preference for group workouts with friends, citing the motivational aspect they bring. Aniston expressed that solo workouts can be mundane and less effective as it’s easy to compromise on proper exercise forms when alone.

Regarding her workout soundtrack, the actress revealed her fondness for Lizzo and Rihanna. She also enjoys reverting to ’90s hip-hop for an energetic session.