Unlimited Footwear Group Declares Bankruptcy, Including Multiple Subsidiaries

Unlimited Footwear Group
Unlimited Footwear Group

Just a week after being granted a moratorium on payments, Unlimited Footwear Group B.V. has been officially declared bankrupt, along with several of its subsidiaries, according to a public insolvency register.

The Dutch firm, known in the market as The Heritage Footwear Company, was unable to recover from its financial difficulties despite being given a deadline of May 14 to devise a payment plan following the moratorium granted on February 16.

The bankruptcy affects not only the parent company but also a number of its subsidiaries, including Unlimited Footwear Midco B.V., Trend Design Shoe Fashion B.V., and several others. It’s noteworthy, however, that some subsidiaries like Nubikk and Rehab were not included in the moratorium and have thus avoided bankruptcy.

Unlimited Footwear Group, a prominent name in the fashion industry, is known for designing, buying, and distributing footwear for all ages, boasting 13 brands in its portfolio. The company prides itself on its comprehensive in-house operations, from design and production to marketing, sales, and distribution, emphasizing its experienced design team’s ability to blend distinctive details with the latest fashion trends.

Despite its claim of value-for-money products and short delivery times thanks to exclusive production facilities, the company has faced insurmountable financial challenges leading to its downfall.