Factotum MBFW Tokyo S/S 2016 Collection

Factotum MBFW Tokyo S/S 2016
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FACTOTUM  Tokyo 2016 S/S Collection
FACTOTUM  2016 S/S Collection
FACTOTUM  Tokyo S/S Collection
FACTOTUM  2016 Tokyo Collection
FACTOTUM  S/S Tokyo Collection
FACTOTUM  Latest Tokyo 2016 S/S Collection
Tokyo FACTOTUM  2016 S/S Collection
Tokyo FACTOTUM  2016 Collection
Tokyo FACTOTUM  S/S Collection
Tokyo S/S FACTOTUM  2016 Collection
Tokyo Latest FACTOTUM  S/S Collection
Tokyo Latest 2016 FACTOTUM  S/S Collection
2016 FACTOTUM  Tokyo S/S Collection
2016 FACTOTUM  S/S Collection
2016 Tokyo FACTOTUM  Collection
2016 S/S FACTOTUM  Tokyo Collection
2016 S/S FACTOTUM  Latest Collection
2016 Latest FACTOTUM  Tokyo Collection
2016 Latest Tokyo FACTOTUM  S/S Collection
S/S FACTOTUM  2016 Collection
S/S FACTOTUM  2016 Tokyo Collection
S/S Tokyo FACTOTUM  Collection
S/S FACTOTUM  Latest 2016 Tokyo Collection
S/S FACTOTUM  Tokyo Latest 2016 Collection
S/S Tokyo 2016 FACTOTUM  Collection
Latest Collection by FACTOTUM  Tokyo 2016 S/S
Latest FACTOTUM  Collection 2016

Factotum Mercedes-Benz fashion week Tokyo Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Dazzling show venues are not really part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo landscape the official site occupies the upper floors of a retail-office complex and a typical remote presentation space is a small art gallery. But Koji Udo of Factotum takes the prize for picking one of the most dramatic show locales, by Tokyo standards, in recent memory. He whisked his guests up to the 50th floor of a fashion college so they could see his spring lineup and simultaneously take in the view of Tokyo at night.

A hipster heading for vacation could find ample wardrobe material in Udo’s collection, which centered on a dark palette of olive green, gray and navy blue. Top looks included Bermuda shorts in embroidered florals and several numbers in seersucker, including a button-down jacket and a pair of loose-fitting trousers. Other standouts: jackets and shirts featuring a marbled effect reminiscent of tie-dye.